Friday, 29 November 2013

¸.•*Christmas cookies`*•.¸

This is my first blog entry on the RibbonDreams-blog. I'd like to show some cute fashion, lolita, plushies, food and some more cutie little things. ❄

These are some cookies I baked together with my boyfriend! Maybe it seems complicated, but it was pretty easy.
We used a simple base dough (just flour, sugar, egg, vanilla and butter) and decorated it with Nutella, marzipan, sugar icing and pistachio. ❄

When I rolled the dough out, I saw something kinda funny.
The dough looked like a map of Germany. o.O For comparison I added a map of course. Just the tip is missing. ^-^

Here are the final cookies. (°v°)

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