Thursday, 2 January 2014

TaobaoSpree Review


Today I'd like to make a review of
This is my first review, I hope it will be helpful for everyone who tinkers with the idea of buying something from

What is is a chinese homepage like ebay. There you can find nearly everything, of course a lot of lolita clothing as well! They have very cheap prices, and if you keep an eye on the shop-ratings, you can get a good quality for less money as well.

What is is a shopping service which buys things from for you.

Taobao Spree review
I ordered the first time from taobao and used the Taobao Spree shopping service.
If you get on the page, they give a good understandable instruction how to order your items. At first you need to fill out an order form, you can find on their site. After that you send the form to taobao spree. They were very fast, so two days after sending my order form a very nice woman answered. She introduced herself, asked how I am, checked the items (if they are in stock) and told me about the first payment. After paying she directly ordered the items from the taobao shop and always kept me up to date by mail. The items arrived at the shopping service there after 4-5 days. So I got a mail again. In this mail she sent me the information about the last payment and photos of the items I ordered. So I could check if they are okay, and that everything has been sent. Especially it raised the anticipation!
The items were sent by airmail (you can choose between airmail and EMS) and arrived in my country three days after my last payment. After 2 weeks the post delivered my package! (I didn't need to pick it up from the custom office, because the value of my ordered goods was under 40€.
Rating summary:
Ordering form and starting the order: (4/5)
  • Very good instructions on the website, but it's a bit difficult to attach all information, because is completely in chinese (and a website translator doesn't allways translate the whole page)
Shopping agent (kindness, rapidity): (5/5)
  • Keeps you always up to date, is very friendly, reacts very fast on your mails and orders as soon as possible. 
  • My agent wrote a thanks-card as well, and the order contained 2 cute presents! (°o°)
Payment (rapidity, service fee): (5/5)
  • The shopping service takes only 10% fee for its service and is quite cheap though. Paying via Paypal is very easy and fast. Your agent directly answeres, as soon as your payment has arrived.
Packaging of the items: (5/5)
  • every item seperate in a plastic package
  • all items were space saving put together in one solid package

Duration: (4/5)
  • About 3 weeks after my order, the package arrived in my country (it could have been faster, because I couldn't allways react at the same day on the mails of my agent)
  •  Just our home post needed two weeks to deliver the package

Taobao Spree Links:
To make the review complete - if you like to order with taobao spree, here are the links:
I hope the post was helpful! If there is still any questions, please feel free to ask. I will try to help you as best I can.


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