Sunday, 9 March 2014

✿ Time for Arpakasso! ✿

Hello everyone!


The weather is getting warmer and warmer and it was time to give this blog a new appearance! 
I hope you like the new design.  

Next weekend does the Leipziger Buchmesse take place. Unfortunately I won't go there, but I will make a post that fits to my visit of the event from last year! =)

Maybe you already know Arpakassos,
For the ones who don't, Arpakasso is a must-have for everyone who loves cute plushies. It is a japanese creation which is deduced from alpacas. You can get them in different colours, sizes, with different decorations and in different kinds. For example as purses, slippers, bags, mirrors... and many other variations.

 If you are interested in purchasing an Arpakasso you can get them in different ways:
  • The second option is to buy them on anime/manga/japan conventions. It is very supposable that you can find Arpakassos there, because they're very popular. There's only the disadvantage, that you don't always have a great variety. But maybe you can still find you dream Arpacasso!
Of course, depending on where you live, buying an Arpakasso on a convention won't become much more expensive than importing, as long as you don't buy 4 or 5 at once. ; ) 
I prefer buying them on conventions, because you can touch them first and get a impression. No waiting time, no postage no wrong displayed plushie colours on webphotos.

Now I'd like to introduce my cuties. I bought them on a convention.

He has the maximum size of Arpakassos (respectively I didn't see bigger ones yet)
You can see a size comparison with me on my previous post.

 This is the logo of Arpakasso

❤Tommi ❤
He is.. I think the smallest Arpakasso. 
You can just place him somewhere, or you can use him as a key chain.

Meanwhile I organized a hat, because alpacas with hats are just awesome!  

Comparison of the sizes of both.

Well, I hope you enjoyed! And maybe I could interest you in these cuties as well!


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